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Vitalize Bumper & Molding Renewer is a protectant and revitalizing product formulated to restore life and luster to rubber, plastic, molding, trim and vinyl surfaces. This quick drying product forms a binding finish that makes old and dull bumpers, molding and trim look new and fresh. Made with UV inhibitors to protect against future harmful effects of the sun and other natural elements. A small amount of Vitalize will go a long way and should last up to 60 days before another application is necessary. Vitalize does not contain any dyes or silicone materials.


  • USE RECOMMENDATIONS Shake well and apply a small amount to a rag, sponge or applicator pad then wipe over effected areas. Make sure areas are totally dry before applying. Wipe excess if needed. More than one application may be used if necessary. Application should last up to 60 days.
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