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Cleaning product specifically designed for use on all rubber and synthetic tires. This product is easy to use, fast acting spray cleaner that will remove all debris from tires. Tire Strip will remove surface tire preps, dirt, mud, grease, oil and general grime from tires to give you a clean base to work from. Tire Strip is made with the addition of Dirt Guard to help make cleaning easier. Dirt Guard helps prevent dirt and other debris from sticking hard to tires which makes for easier cleaning. Tire Strip is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. Most importantly it is non-flammable. Product can be diluted or used as is.


  • USE RECOMMENDATIONS Spray Tire Strip generously over entire tire or soak in bath with mixture of Tire Strip. Allow Tire Strip to penetrate tire for a few seconds or minutes. Rinse tire completely with water and dry. Repeat as often as you like and between runs as well. That’s it!!!!! Simple, easy and fast acting. No hassle, no rub, no arm power. Let Tire Strip do all the work for you. Spray on, wash off. Another one of XTC’s Spray, Hose, Dry, Ride program products. Less time cleaning, more time riding!!!!!!!
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