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A polymer based product that provides sheeting effects, a protective barrier and a shielding agent to help prevent water, mud, dirt and general grime from sticking to your dirt machine. Mud Guard acts as a barrier to allow for easy cleaning and lasting effects. Mud Guard forms a protective barrier that permits mud, dirt and general grime to be easily removed from your dirt machine when sprayed with water. Saves you time and energy to allow for quicker wash-ups and cleaner results. No brushing or scrubbing. Easily spray on clean dry machine and wipe off. Mud Guard provides a lasting shine that is resistant to multiple washes. This product can be used on any MX ATV parts and surfaces. It does not contain any solvents and is
non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable.


  • USE RECOMMENDATIONS Apply to vehicle after thorough cleaning. Surfaces do not have to be dry before application. Simply spray Mud Guard directly onto vehicle surface, or onto clean cloth, and wipe to even film. Do not wipe dry, allow to air dry for best application. Can be re-applied after every wash for more protection and easier cleaning.
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