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An easy to use spray and rinse shine and wax product that can be used on all surfaces of your motorcycle, car, truck or boat. Impact is an instant detailing spray that contains optical brighteners to maximize paint brilliance and reflection. Impact is designed to coat and form a barrier that provides ultimate protection from the elements by bonding to the surface on contact for long lasting results. In minutes you can detail an entire truck or car by simply spraying Impact on the surface and rinsing off. No hard application by hand or machine, just a simple spray and rinse that will give you a long lasting X-Tream showroom shine. Impact can be used on trim, glass, rubber, plastic, metals, painted and clear coat surfaces without hazing, streaking or leaving a dried white residue. Impact is also great at reducing the surface tension of water and providing the treated surface with ultimate water beading/repelling ability.


  • USE RECOMMENDATIONS Wash heavily soiled vehicle first of heavy debris. Washing is not necessary for vehicles that are lightly soiled or dusty, only rinsed. Vehicle does not have to be dry for Impact to work properly. Apply a mist layer of Impact over entire surface and allow to sit for a few minutes. With adequate water pressure rinse vehicle completely.
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