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X-Tream Clean Chain Lube Gel Spray is unlike many of the chain lube products on the market today. We have combined the attributes of lubrication with lock-on technology into one product that will provide superior lubrication without sling. Chain Lube Gel is a gel bodied product that goes on wet to penetrate all chain surfaces and quickly dries to a clear film. Our high performance PTFE gel lube will penetrate hard to reach areas and then expand to provide long lasting lubrication and rust prevention. Tired of thick, messy, waxy, dirt and dust attracting chain lubes? Chain Lube Gel is designed to dry to a non-tacky film helping to prevent dirt and dust from building up on your chain while still providing X-Tream lubrication. It is also a product that is easily cleaned when you’re done riding unlike many waxy chain lubes that are a hassle to wash off. Cleaning our non-tacky, non-messy, non-waxy chain lube is X-Treamly easy. Chain Lube Gel repels water and is an excellent rust and corrosion inhibitor. XTC Chain Lube Gel does not contain any CFC’s and is non-corrosive. Safe for all standard and o-ring type chains.California / OTC VOC Compliant. Product is packaged in a 13 oz aerosol spray.


  • USE RECOMMENDATIONS Use to lubricate and clean standard and o-ring type chains. Simply spray on chain, covering entire chain length to provide cleaning and superior lubrication. Allow Chain Lube Gel Spray to dry, tack up, for a few minutes to a tough clear film. It is not necessary to wipe dry, only if excess lube is noticed. Re-apply when necessary or after cleaning.
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