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I travel and race, 1/8 nitro buggy and truggy, basically every weekend and have been an avid racer for over 4 years now with about ten years of nitro running experience. Just to tell you alittle about myself, I am 28 years old, I qraduated in 2000 from Crest High School in Shelby NC, I have held a job since then and now are an assistant boss/ forman, mechanic. I enjoy going to different places, meeting new people and making new friends. I enjoy racing the most and wrenching on RC cars as well. Although I am located on the east coast, I am planning to attend more larger events such as nationals. I attended the 2010 Roar Natioanls in Colorado and placed in the top 30 in truggy. I have always been a very competitive racer, competing in the A & B mains on a very regular basis. I enjoy the fellowship with my fellow racers and helping others in anyway possible. I will continue to race at my local track ( Nitro Valley in Cherryville NC) on a regular basis and will be attending many more larger events, some not listed, such as the North Carolina Champ Series, Las Vegas, California, Ohio, RC Pro Series, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama series races.  I am currently running a Mugen MBX6T and MBX6 powered by JX Ninja using sidewinder fuel and controlled by KO PROPO.  
Josh Hollifield
Highlights From 2010

Loganville RC Raceway                                      Georgia                        Truggy 2nd

Proving Grounds II                                              Sumter, SC                  Truggy 2nd

Zoo City Raceway                                               Asheboro, NC              Truggy 2nd

Nitro Valley                                                         Cherryville, NC             Truggy 2nd

N. Wilkesboro NC Champ Series Rd#2              N. Wilkesboro, NC        Truggy 2nd

Metrolina RC Speedway                                     Charlotte, NC               Truggy 1st

Zoo City Raceway                                               Asheboro, NC              Truggy 2nd

Colorado Fast Track National                             Colorado Springs, CO  Truggy 30th

Badlands RC Supercross Fall Brawl Warmup     Myrtle Beach, SC         Truggy 5th

Badlands RC Supercross Fall Brawl                    Myrtle Beach, SC         Truggy 8th

RC Racing
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