X-Factor Tire Prep & RC Racing

Our X-Factor Tire Prep line is picking up steam across all spectrums of racing and especially with the RC (Radio Controlled) market. We have been receiving great reports from very satisfied customers about the successes of using the X-Factor Tire Prep Hot for RC racing in off-road type courses. We have had winning drivers use the X-Factor Tire Prep Hot in recent races with great results. Tires are sticking and biting in giving a big advantage over the competition. All with a product that is a much safer alternative than other like products. X-Factor Tire Prep is non-flammable, biodegradable and VOC compliant.


Along with RC vehciles we have customers using X-Factor Tire Prep for racing in drag cars and bikes, karting, for motorcycles racing motocross, supercross and arenacross type tracks. We also have customers in dirt and asphalt circle track racing with late model, sprint, legends and modified cars. More information about the complete line of X-Factor Tire Preps can be found HERE .

A link to a video of a customer at The Pit RC track in Lugoff, SC. It's the car that is in second place at the start of the video, but passes for first on the inside of a turn and goes on the win the race.